Una Gonschorr

Morris Perry and Una at the FUJIAMA NIGHTCLUB 2014 Photo Daniela Incoronato

Fujiama Nightclub is a Urban Music and Dance Show.

Morris Perry, on the picture with Una, is the founder of this show which also gives a wonderful chance to young artists to be on a professionel stage.

Morris and Una are performing here "FEVER". ...and that evening has been hot...



Last Night the DJ saved my life.

As Guest at Keith Tynes in Concert. A phantastic Entertainer who pulls his audience from the chairs.

Photo Gudrun Arndt

Una with the A capella Group

FOURTUNE VOICES at Sheraton Hotel

Soma Bay Egypt. What a wonderful peace of earth.

The Band Heartbeats at Sheraton Resort Hotel El Gouna Egypt in 2012. "Party Time" with Una and Roland Zimanyi. Because they played under a Dome the sound has just been perfect for this song even without technik.

The Band Heartbeats at the


With life on air with Rockradio.

Thank you very much and have a wonderful time.

Foto Rebekka Kaufmann



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