"Baby I'm a fool" by Melody Gardot is one of her favorites.

Una grew up with Jazz and "Misty" has been the first song ever she performed on stage for Ruth Maria Kubitschek.

She loves to sing Pop Songs like "Forget you" to get people to dance.

To play with her voice and the audience is coming naturally out of her heart. "Miss Celie's Blues" out of the movie The Color Purple.

Dance like no one is watching

We are convinced our life will become better after we had married, after we had a child or a second one.
Then we become frustrated that the children are to young for this or that and think contentment will come to us when they grow older.
After that we are unnerved because we have to deal with teenagers now.
We are convinced that we will be happier after the children have passed through that stage.
We imagine that we’ll feel better all around when our partner gets his or her business straight…., when we’ve got a new car…, when we have had a nice holiday…, when we have become pensioners after all.
But if we don’t enjoy a fulfilled life happily NOW…, when will we ever?
Your life will always be full of challenges. It is better to face this truth and make the resolve to BE happy anyway.
One of my favorite quotes comes from Alfred D Souza. He said:
"It appeared to me for a long time that life was beginning soon – the real life! But there was always some stumbling-block on the way; something that had yet to be overcome, a matter left undone, something that needed time, a debt unsettled… THEN would life begin.
Finally it dawned upon me that those hindrances WERE my life".
This view of perception helped me realize that there is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.

Therefore: Cherish every moment of your life.
And cherish it even more because you may share it with a very special person, a person so special to share precious time of life with you… And remember that time does not wait for anyone.
Hence: Stop waiting, till you finish school, till you attend school again,
till you managed to lose ten pounds of weight, till you gained ten pounds,
till the kids have left home…
Stop waiting till you start working, till you get pension,
till you’re married, till you get divorce…
Stop waiting till Friday night, till Sunday morning,
till you got a new car or a new house, till you paid the new house’s mortgage…
Stop waiting till spring, summer, fall or winter,
till you no longer require public welfare, till the first or the fifteenth of the month,
till you come to FAME, till you get a drink, till you sobered up…
Stop waiting till you die, till you’re reborn and make up your mind to see that there is no better time to be happy than right now in this moment.
Happiness and joy of living are no goal but a journey.

Thought for this very day

Work as if you were in no need for money,
Love as if you had never been hurt,
And dance as like no one is watching you