As singer Martin J. Moss discovered and promoted Una. He has been her teacher and gave her more than just the technique a meaningful attitude " If you need a stage - build one."
Acting lies in her blood. Theatre an TV Shows are important parts of her carrier.
As moderator she leads discussion meetings and workshops and joins for example Theo Tintenklecks on his events.
As speaker she joined Patch Admas MD in Nordweejk Amsterdam at the Health Care Leadership Summer school to co-present his Workshop.
She started dancing in Miton's Tanstudio in Berlin and met her teachers Martin Moss, Morris Perry, Mark Headley und Milton Irons.
Una is manly directing the musicals for "namu Art for Life Network e.V." which viewers are mainly children in hospitals and hospices.
Therefore she is writing special musicals with APONI the butterfly who is flying around the world.
Last not least she leads the organization and manages Events on a national and international base.